About Us

Founded in 2008, CaspiGroup is a pioneer in its sector, operating with innovative solutions and customer-oriented service approach. Adopting corporate excellence and high quality standards, CaspiGroup offers a wide range of services with brands such as Aryladiary, Papacasso, Arylabox and Caspicuisine. With its companies, each specialized in its own field, it produces quality and sustainable solutions for its customers.

Aryladiary is one of the leading companies in the sector in the production of corporate agendas. Agendas produced with high quality materials and stylish designs are specially designed for the needs of the business world.

Papacasso draws attention with its colorful and stylish agendas. Appealing to both individual and corporate customers, Papacasso makes a difference in agenda production by prioritizing design and quality.

Arylabox is another brand that produces corporate and special boxes. Offering customized solutions, Arylabox serves its customers by prioritizing the aesthetics and functionality of its products.

Caspicuisine has established itself in the global market by exporting industrial kitchen appliances. With its high quality kitchen equipment, it offers solutions for the restaurant and hotel sector.

CaspiGroup has an extensive international network with branches in 9 countries, and this global reach supports our goal of maximizing customer satisfaction and makes us a trusted brand worldwide.

As CaspiGroup, we strictly adhere to corporate governance principles. We continue our activities within the framework of transparency, accountability and ethical values. With our innovative and customer-oriented approach, we aim to exceed the expectations of our customers by approaching each project with a professional understanding. Our corporate culture supports the continuous development of our employees and prioritizes the understanding of excellence at every stage of our business processes.

Our Values

  • Quality We provide excellent service, always adhering to the highest quality standards.
  • Trust We base our relationships with our customers on honesty and trust.
  • Innovation: We constantly develop new ideas and apply the latest technologies.
  • Customer Orientation: Our priority is to understand the needs of our customers and provide them with the most appropriate solutions.
  • Sustainability We develop sustainable business models by fulfilling our environmental and social responsibilities.

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